Virgin Media is Giving Away Free 4K LG Smart TVs or £150 Off Your Bill if You Sign Up With Them

By Tom Pritchard on at

Are you willing to sign your TV and broadband service over to Virgin Media? If the answer to that question is yes, then you might as well do it now - because Virgin is giving away free some LG 4K 43-inch Smart TVs with some of its more robust (read: expensive) packages, or the option of up to £150 off future bills.

The TV is available while stocks last, obviously, and you'll need to sign up for the Bigger + Sports, Bigger + Movies, Bigger + Sports & Movies, or Ultimate Oomph bundles. Naturally these sorts of perks only come with high monthly bills, so you're going to have to prepare yourself  to see those prices:

  • Ultimate Oomph costs £79 a month for 12 months, and comes with 260 channels, Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD, and BT Sport in 4K, 516Mbps fibre broadband, two Virgin V6 Boxes, Talk Weekends (inclusive weekend calls to landlines, Virgin numbers, and 0870 numbers), and an unlimited everything SIM card.
  • Bigger + Sports is £72 a month for 12 months, and the key here is that it comes with all Sky Sports channels, plus BT Sport in 4K. On top of that are 225 channels, 108Mbps fibre broadband, and Talk Weekends
  • Bigger + Movies is £62 a month for 12 months, and comes with 225 channels, all the Sky cinema channels, 108Mbps broadband, and Talk weekends.
  • Bigger + Sports & Movies is £79 a month for 12 months, comes with 235 channels, including Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD, and BT Sport in 4K. On top of that you have 108Mbps fibre, and the Talk Weekends package. Not as good as Ultimate Oomph, which is the same price, but it's an option.

You have to choose between the TV and the money off, though the TV is worth more than £150 so that would be my option if I were ever willing to buy a TV package for myself. I'm not, though, so these deals are definitely not for me. The credit gets added to your first bill, and anything left over is used on subsequent bills until it's all gone. Which is anything up to two and a half months, considering the cheapest option is £62 a month.

You have until midnight on 11th June to get make your mind up anyway. Is switching to Virgin worth those free gifts? And if you're already on Virgin, you're out of luck - this offer is only for new customers.