Amazon Prime Will Show Four Free Premier League Games This Summer, Which is Totally Not a Publicity Stunt

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Premier League is set to restart in two weeks time, which means football will be back on despite the fact nobody is allowed inside the stadium to watch them. We've already seen broadcasters make the concession of having games broadcast on free-to-air BBC, and now Amazon is doing something similar.

Amazon doesn't have the rights to show many Premier League games, presumably because the likes of Sky and BT have more money to throw at them. But four games are due to be broadcast via Prime Video this summer, and Amazon has announced they'll be free to watch.

Which is totally out of the goodness of Amazon's heart, and not a publicity stunt to show people that it also has some football games. Whether they have enough to warrant an ongoing Prime subscription isn't clear, but I'm not a football person and couldn't even dream of subscribing to three services just to watch all the games.

Which games Amazon is going to make free to watch isn't clear, though if it really wants to make people realise it's a proper contender to Sky and BT they'll have to be good ones. Not Burnley vs Brighton, in other words. [Engadget]

Photo by Tevarak Phanduang on Unsplash