Aldi Promises Never to Sell US Chlorinated Chicken Products

By Gary Cutlack on at

People power would appear to be working for once, as the supermarkets are now lining up to promise they won't sell terrible imported American meats regardless of what the government says or allows.

The latest to join the crusade against US meat imports is Aldi, which has pledged that chlorinated chicken and hormone-enhanced US beef will not reach its shelves, not even at the sub-atomic particle level it uses for pizza toppings, or the fat it uses to make toothpaste go frothy.

Aldi UK CEO Giles Hurley says our branches will only stock British meats, explaining: "We are a signatory to the NFU Back British Farming Charter and our entire core range of fresh meat and milk is from Red Tractor-approved farms in the UK. We will never compromise on the standards or specifications of our products, and that includes a commitment to never selling chlorinated chicken or hormone injected beef."

There would appear to be some wiggle room there in the use of the term "core range of fresh meat" meaning that perhaps some US imports may be allowed to slip through in the more processed of products coming off the unmarked German lorries, but let's hope this supermarket-led revolt -- Waitrose has already made a similar pledge -- emboldens the government to tell the US to keep its manky meats to itself. [Metro]

Image credit: Unsplash