The Big Issue Sellers Are Back, in Full Double-Masked Dystopian Style

By Gary Cutlack on at

One small bit of life is now back to normal although not really if you analyse it, as the Big Issue sellers have been given the nod to get out there and start politely pestering us to buy the latest issue once more. But now they're fully double-masked and will be wafting the heady smell of anti-bacterial gel all down the high street, in a reminder that 2020 is now the background of a post-apocalyptic video game, and you're down to your last bit of health.

The publisher of the charitable magazine has revealed a whole raft of new measures that are in place to keep the sellers and indeed their buyers safe, including changing the positions they sell from to avoid bottlenecks, wearing the classic Everything is Fine modern safety triptych of face mask, visor and latex gloves, and introducing a new bag system for safer storage of the magazines.

Buyers need to play their part too, and are encouraged to pay by contactless methods if possible, or to hand over the correct money in change; and to help in this, and earn the sellers a bit more more money, the cover price of the magazine's gone up to a round £3 to make it easier to handle cash payments and change, also helping fund the coating of future issues with an "anti-microbial product." [Big Issue]