Boris Johnson Declares War on Underground Train Drivers and Demands a Driverless Future

By Gary Cutlack on at

The prime minister has fired a warning shot over the offices of Transport for London, threatening the London body's funding with a veto unless it agrees to speed up the transition of the Underground network to a driverless system.

Johnson was visiting the site of a new train manufacturing plant when he said: "You can run these trains without the need for somebody to be sitting in the driver's cab the whole time. So what I will be saying to the London transport authority is let's take advantage of this technological leap forward, let's not be the prisoners of the unions any more, let's go to driverless trains and let's make that a condition of the funding settlement for Transport for London this autumn."

You will be amazed to hear that there are plenty of people who know more about the workings of public transport than Boris Johnson, and they spent an awful lot of yesterday pointing out why that's complete nonsense, particularly coming from someone who was literally the mayor of London for many years.

This thread from 2018, for example, by John Bull, explains the situation quite well. Read it and be smarter than the prime minister within minutes, and learn how many lines are already technically driverless, with the person up front often mainly in charge of emergency measures and the most important job of all; waving at children. [BBC]