Driving Tests are Back in England From Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

England has restated driving tests today, but of course with more rules to consider about safety inside the car as well as out of it now.

At first, examiners will tackle all the learner drivers who had their tests cancelled when the country roughly lurched into a stalled lockdown back at the end of March. They should've received new appointments by now, accompanied by letters that actually need reading as there are paragraphs about how things have changed. For a start, anyone making a horrendous instafail error on their test will be told to give up and drive back to the test centre immediately, to reduce the amount of time an examiner has to spend in the car with someone who's already ballsed up on their reverse.

All test takers will be expected to wear a face covering now of course, and must say at time of rebooking the exam if there's a genuine medical reason they can't. Examiners have been told to use antiviral wipes on everything they may touch too, so don't be too upset if he or she cleans the handbrake in anticipation of an emergency intervention. And you may not bring your lucky person or driving instructor along for the ride in the back seat either.

Scotland, bless it, is playing by different rules, and is restarting tractor tests and motorbike tests first, on August 3. It does not yet have a date for car tests to restart. Nothing happens in Wales until August, either. England is, as with the deaths, way higher up the curve. [GOV via Metro]