Liverpool Drug Dealers Caught Running "Click & Collect" National Service

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those clever old drug dealers have come up with yet more new ways to shift product in these dark days, with Merseyside Police saying they've seen mules dressed up in Deliveroo rider cosplay in order to escape questioning as to why they're out and about, knocking on doors and accepting money.

Andy O'Connor of Merseyside police told the Guardian of their ways, explaining: "What we had, anecdotally, was people leaving the area to deliver drugs. People were dressed as key workers, we’ve got evidence to show there were people stop-checked purporting to be nurses or Deliveroo drivers. Crime groups are clever and ingenious."

O'Connor says gangs are paying or forcing women to do the drug legwork more often now too, as a single woman in a car doesn't fit in with the traditional "dark clothing, North Face coats, hoods up, baseball caps on" look you'd expect a drug mule to be sporting. Great publicity for North Face, there. He says criminals "...force the mothers, the sisters, the grandmothers to do the drug dealing on their behalf, where there's debts to be paid off, it's an easy way to move drugs around the country."

The force says delivery runners from Liverpool have been caught making drops as far afield as Aberdeen and the south coast, as a shortage of class A drugs has raised prices and made long-haul sales profitable. [Guardian]