Man Attempts Emergency E-Scooter Run Down the M11

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man has been stopped by police for riding an electric scooter on the roads slightly ahead of the full legalisation of the things in his area, and it wasn't any old road. It was the M11. A motorway.

The Essex Roads Policing Unit made the fantastic catch, reporting that the scooter rider's excuse for wobbling down the motorway on his toy was that his car had run out of petrol, so the plan was to e-scoot to the nearest garage and then presumably scoot back again with a jerry can of petrol balanced on the rear of the scooter, tempting a tragi-comic fiery death for many passers-by.

The 24-year-old driver has been reported for careless driving, driving otherwise in accordance to a licence and... for having no insurance. Christ on a shitty electric scooter. Car and scooter both need impounding and crushing into small metallic cubes, the cubes then propped up against the front door of his house so he can't get out. [Essex RPU]