Eric Idle Calls Out Monty Python Twitter Account for Terrible Coronavirus Advice

By Holly Brockwell on at

Bit of an embarrassment for whoever runs the Monty Python Twitter account: star Eric Idle has publicly bollocked them for sharing "shit advice" about the coronavirus pandemic.

The account tweeted this, still up at the time of writing:

And Idle responded thusly:

The official account was of course referring to the fact that pubs and restaurants were officially allowed to open again from Everything Is Fine Day (Saturday 4th July) onwards. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in huge crowds in city centres, most of whom completely forgot about social distancing once a few pints were down the hatch. Who could have guessed?!

Certainly not Boris Johnson, apparently.

Idle later added:

Being the nerds we are, we immediately checked to find out whether there actually are any pubs called The Grim Reaper in the UK. Sadly, we can't find any still using that name (tell us in the comments if you know of one!) but there did used to be one in Aylesford. It is now apparently hiding its underworld roots by calling itself the Aylesford Guest House. [Independent]

Main image: Ian Burt via Flickr CC