Essex Beaver Population Doubles Overnight

By Gary Cutlack on at

Two beavers that were reintroduced to an Essex wildlife hotspot and flood risk zone have shown off their babies to the media today, with the parents said to be doing well and thinking about names for the two kits.

The pair of Eurasian Beavers was reintroduced to the Spains Hall Estate in Finchingfield last year, and seeing as there wasn't much of a choice, they got it on with each other. A bit like what happens with people in small villages in Cornwall. The pair have been busy building dams and creating wetlands in the area for the last 18 months, which it's hoped will form a natural flood defence scheme for the village.

Estate manager Archie Ruggles-Brise said: "If they are anything like their parents the two kits will become phenomenal dam builders, and we will be watching closely as they expand the wetland and provide even more protection against flood and drought, and provide homes for loads of other wildlife."

It's such a big deal that there's a wildlife photographer on hand to document the lives of the adult pair and their new children, with the job going to Russell Savory. He's smashing photos all over Twitter, if you like to see animal things going about their business and are seeking harder and more niche material than endless effing boring cats. [GOV]