Even Goats Are Queuing for Post-Lockdown Haircuts

By Holly Brockwell on at

The ever-brilliant Kashmiri goats of Llandudno, North Wales appear to be having the same post-lockdown problems as the rest of us.

Local resident Jimmy Lane tweeted this incredible photo of the goats waiting patiently for a trim outside a barber shop:

Yes, yes, a baa-ber shop, if you must.

Said barbers hadn't actually opened yet, but clearly the goats -- which usually live on the Great Orme but come down when they're bored -- don't want to risk missing out on the first available appointments.

However, the fluffy fellows have also been doing some trims of their own, having been spotted by local resident and regular goat-spotter Andrew Stuart giving a short back and sides to a garden hedge:

Earlier this year, the goats got so much love while we were all tremendously bored in lockdown that local police had to warn people not to break the rules to go goat-spotting in Llandudno.  No, getting a great goat selfie does not count as "essential travel."

Says official goat correspondent Andrew:

"I’ve seen them come back to Trinity Square quite a lot - there’s a group of four that seem to go exploring all the time.

The mischief and antics of them has definitely helped to lift spirits - not just in the town but globally when the images and video get shared on social media by myself and many other people.

I’d like to think it could be the new normal as Llandudno is getting gradually busier and they’re still venturing out - we’ll see though in a few weeks or so, when businesses fully reopen."

Goats need to buy toilet roll too, y'know. [ITV News]

Main image: @BrianLane15 via Twitter