Samsung's Own Leak Confirms Earbuds are Called Galaxy Buds Live, Not Beans

By Tom Pritchard on at

Phone leaks are weird, and it doesn't help that a decent number of them come from manufacturers themselves - rather than the typical string of people on Twitter. The latest relates to Samsung's next wireless earbuds, with features being revealed in the latest version of the Galaxy Buds app.

This version includes support for the new earbuds, and as it turns out they are called Galaxy Buds Live. The name had been rumoured for a while, though they were also rumoured to be called Galaxy Beans - a name seemingly confirmed by leaked documents that we saw. But hey: leaks aren't always right, and this one is certainly more trustworthy.

And that's a shame, because calling the bean-shaped buds 'Galaxy Beans' would have been quite cool. And honestly the Buds name is getting old and overused at this point.

The app also confirms that the Buds Live will feature Active Noise Cancelling - a first for Samsung, and something the documents we saw were correct about. ANC can be disabled from the looks of things, which will do your battery life a world of good, and an Ambient Sound setting that will let the outside world in for a little bit.

Of course there's the usual Galaxy Buds features in there too, like customisable touch gestures, an equaliser, and the option to find your earbuds on the off-chance that you misplace one, or both, of them.

The Buds Live as set to be unveiled at Unpacked on 5th August, alongside four other devices if Samsung is to be believed. That includes the Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 2, a new Galaxy Watch, and two variants of the Galaxy Tab S7.

The Buds Live, if our sources are correct, are set to cost £179 at full retail price, though there may be a trade-in bonus that knocks £30 off that price. [Slashgear]