Samsung Confirms the Galaxy Fold 2 is Coming on 5th August

By Tom Pritchard on at

We already knew that Samsung's next big launch event, dubbed Galaxy Unpacked as always, was coming on 5th August - complete with the new Galaxy Note 20 (and maybe some other stuff). The fate of the next big foldable was less clear, however, but now Samsung has confirmed that the the Galaxy Fold 2 (or Z Fold 2, if the rumours are correct) will arrive at Unpacked with everything else.

It had long been rumoured that the Fold 2 would arrive at Unpacked, but unlike all the other devices we've heard there was never any concrete evidence that it would. Samsung has cleared things up, however, and confirmed there's a folding phone coming to Unpacked:

Obviously that clip features the butterfly animation, suggesting that this is indeed the next Galaxy Fold device. After all Samsung went pretty heavy on the butterfly imagery with that one, even if the device itself ended up being delayed by several months due to technical issues. Presumably that would make it a phone that folds into a tablet, rather than a flip-phone type device like the Galaxy Z Flip. Of course it would be pretty silly to announce a new Z Flip at the same time as a 5G variant of the original.

Details are slim, obviously, but at least we know one thing for sure: 5th August is going to be a very hectic day, and that Unpacked presentation is going to go on for fucking ages.