Here's When Cineworld Cinemas Will Reopen in the UK

By Holly Brockwell on at

If the one thing you've been desperate to do throughout lockdown is go and watch a film in a dark room full of strangers, you'll be pleased to hear that Cineworld has announced its reopening date.

The plan is to open all the chain's cinemas in the UK and Ireland on 31st July, although the company notes that they might have to revise that depending on what happens with covid.

In an email announcing the move, Cineworld stated it will "announce on social media once tickets go on sale (and by email to our members opted-in to marketing communications)"

There's an FAQ here about what the reopening means and what will change. They say it's safe, on the basis that they're following the government advice, but I'm not sure those two things actually correlate.

Is it safe to come to Cineworld?

The health and wellbeing of our customers and employees is our top priority. We are following government guidelines in order to make cinemagoers feel as comfortable and provide a safe but enjoyable cinema experience.

Still, if it's supposedly safe to sit in the seat next to someone on a 24-hour flight across the world, I guess it's 'safe' to sit in a foldy chair and watch a film with other people. Personally, I wouldn't do either, especially when masks aren't mandated – but cinemas were already in trouble before this whole fandango, and it's pretty easy to understand why they're keen to reopen ASAP.