Leak Suggests Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Will Be Called Galaxy Z Fold 2

By Holly Brockwell on at

We're less than a month out from Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event, so the leaks have started coming thick and fast, including a few of our own.

We're expecting to see at least a preview of the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold at Unpacked, if not the actual launch (covid has put a big hairy spanner in the works, so it could go either way).

Now, a new leak from SamMobile tells us what name to expect for the Galaxy Fold 2: the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

That's right, it's the same but with an extra Z, cribbed from the Galaxy Z Flip. We guess Galaxy Z is going to be the name for Samsung's foldable range as a whole, hopefully including some interesting new wearables once their folding batteries are in mass production.

Image: ET News

A previous leak gave us a tonne of alleged details about the new phone, including a 7.7-inch unfolded display with a 6.23-inch screen on the outer cover (the first Fold had 7.3-inch and 4.6-inch displays respectively). Illustrations also show both bezels and hole-punch cameras, which is unusual (normally the hole punch camera negates the need for the bezel).

We've also heard rumours that the phone will have a significantly better camera and a lower price than the previous Fold, making it more desirable all round. Doesn't sound like there's too long to wait 'til we find out for sure. [TrustedReviews]