Lego Ideas' Grand Piano Arrives on 1st August, Actually Plays Music

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year Lego announced that a playable piano set had made it through the long and arduous trek through Lego Ideas and would be made into a real set - pending some logistical work to actually get it to, you know, play music. Earlier this week Lego teased that this set was on the horizon, and today it's official.

The set is a fully-functional 25-key grand piano, complete with a motor and working keys that can be connected to the Lego Powered Up app (available on Android and iOS) to create real music. All that includes a moving damper and pedal, actual piano hammer action, and a lid that can be propped up like the real thing.

How the music is made isn't clear right now, but we can guess that the keys move the motor, the motor makes the piano communicate with the app, and then your phone does all the actual noise-making. There are 10 pre-set songs in there too, in case you can't play the piano or you want to sit back and listen to some tunes yourself.

The set comes packed with 3,662 pieces, including a music sheet from set creator (and music teacher) Donny Chen, and measures in at 22.5cm high, 30.5cm wide, and 35.5cm deep. So it's a big beast of a set, which is only fair considering what it can do. And yes that's big enough to work as a phone stand - which is only fair.

The downside to the impressive technical work and the size means this set is going to cost you £320. Which is a lot to ask for, even with something like this. Still if you want one it goes on sale on 1st August, directly from the Lego website or Lego stores.