Lego is Replacing All the Stolen Brick Sets Intended for Sick Children

By Holly Brockwell on at

Earlier this week, we reported that some heartless bastards had stolen a "huge quantity" of Lego sets intended to be given to seriously ill children by the charity Fairy Bricks.

Now, we've learnt that Good Guy Lego has stepped in to replace all the stolen sets, so the kids in hospital will still get their care packages:

Not only that, but the charity got their van back, which was also taken by the thieves. Hopefully it's full of forensic evidence that'll help track them down.

The van, named Daenerys, is pretty clearly branded with the name and aim of the charity, which means the thieves knew exactly who they were stealing from and didn't care.

Maybe they assumed that Lego would replace the sets, as they did last time Fairy Bricks was targeted, but that's not the point, is it? These people dedicate their lives to cheering up children in hospital and we can only imagine how devastating and demoralising it must feel to have people repeatedly rob them, especially because it raises questions about whether someone they know is betraying them.

Founder Kevin Gascoigne told the Guardian he's been in "a pretty dark place" since the burglary, which apparently involved at least seven wastes of skin people.

"I came down and that was it really. I witnessed the devastation and saw what they’d taken. We’ve been in bits.

It’s been more difficult for me today. I’ve spent today crying a lot and I’m a 44-year-old fat bloke with a beard, I’m not used to crying.

We’re in a pretty dark place but we won’t be here for long because the kids still need our help. We’ll bounce back.

We have put pictures of some of our stolen sets on Facebook so if anyone was to see those in unusually large volumes, please give West Yorkshire police a call."

A request for positive comments about the charity to cheer up its staff received scores of comments.

Brickset reports that unfortunately the stolen sets hadn't yet had identifying stickers attached, but these are the specific kits stolen in large numbers, so be on the lookout for anyone who suddenly has tonnes of these:

  • Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy
  • Emmet and Lucy's Visitors from the DUPLO Planet
  • Hanzo vs. Genji
  • Diamond Heist
  • Andrea's Talent Show
  • Dorado Showdown
  • Introducing Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi
  • Mojo Jojo Strikes

And if you can spare it, chuck Fairy Bricks a few quid – they are really good people and deserve to know the world isn't all bad.

Main image: Fairy Bricks via Twitter