Leicester Police Not Entirely Sure How to Enforce the UK's First Local Lockdown

By Gary Cutlack on at

More details have been released about the UK's first local lockdown, which is good news for the region's police who weren't even given a map of the area to be controlled until well after the announcement of new restrictions was made.

The head of the city's police force said he's been given "minimal guidance" on how to enforce Thursday's return to lock-up in the city, with the unfortunately jollily-named Lord Willy Bach saying:

"Amazingly we were not even provided with a map of the area until well after the announcement. That has now been issued, but, unfortunately, we received minimal guidance regarding practical implementation at the time the measures were imposed. I have a great deal of sympathy with the agencies charged with delivery. They needed clarity from the start, and I am astonished that it is being drip-fed as the day progresses."

Leicester's mayor, another privileged nob called Sir Peter Soulsby, is grateful for the clarification and map because yesterday he was raging that he hadn't been told the lockdown boundaries; although no one's that interested in what he thinks since he was caught breaking lockdown #1 rules to visit his partner. Leicester City Council at least has a map in its possession now, revealing the unfortunate central boroughs included in the new stay-home rules.  [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia