More Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Features Leak

By Holly Brockwell on at

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is getting closer by the day, and the company is busily getting its ducks in a row for the big launch of all its new products. That means getting websites and software ready, and that means the potential for leaks.

Like the big Galaxy Watch 3 leak over at XDA Developers from Max Weinbach's galaxy brain.

Weinbach grabbed the APK for the new Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin app and dove in, finding a bunch of stuff we haven't seen plus some your humble servants at Giz UK revealed a few weeks back.

The first is gesture control, which we already knew about from our own exclusive leak. Specifically, you can clench your fist to answer a call directly on the watch (potentially dangerous if someone you hate calls you and you're angry about it), and, brilliantly, make the 'wanker' gesture to decline a call.

Here's the potato quality leak we had at the time:

I mean it's undeniable really, isn't it?

Apparently Samsung's designers don't like any of their friends.

Weinbach also found SOS fall detection, which we – again – already leaked. It'll make the watch ring for a full minute if it thinks you've fallen down. If you don't do anything about it, it'll text your emergency contacts with a location and a 5-second audio clip, presumably of you making "ouch" noises. Not sure that bit's really necessary!

The new leak also includes some stuff we hadn't seen. Specifically, the ability to take screenshots by holding both the side buttons at the same time, similar to how you would on a phone.

Finally, Weinbach found literally all the default watch faces for the Galaxy Watch 3, some of which match the new Galaxy Note 20 wallpapers.

Poor old Samsung, will they have any surprises left by the 5th of August? [XDA Developers]