Netflix is Giving Away an 83-Year Subscription

By Holly Brockwell on at

This weekend, Netflix is promoting the new Charlize Theron film The Old Guard by holding a gaming tournament, and the prize is an 83-year subscription to the streaming site.

To win, you'll need to be amazing at the original videogame of The Old Guard, and beat absolutely everyone else to be number one by the end of Sunday.

The prize is described as an "immortal" subscription, although it's actually 1,000 months, or 83-and-a-third years. But unless you're a baby or you live for a really impressively long time, that'll probably do you fine.

The game is a "browser-based, top-down beat 'em up" that has you playing as Charlize's character, Andromache of Scythia. In the original comic books by Greg Rucka, Andromache is the oldest in her gang of immortals, and uses a double-bladed axe called the Labrys to chop her way to victory.

As you'd expect for a film about immortality, it's not game over if you die, but you will find yourself moving much slower, which obviously makes it difficult to get the top score by the end of the weekend.

The game will be available here from 4pm today (Friday 17th July). Good luck. [Engadget]