Neverspoons App Highlights Your Nearest Non-Wetherspoon Pub

By Gary Cutlack on at

Everyone's promise never to darken a Wetherspoon pub again has been made a little easier by an app calling itself Neverspoons, designed to find independent pubs in the vicinity of each Wetherspoon factory outlet so you don't have to fund Tim Martin's lifestyle in any way.

It's not the most highly developed tool we've ever seen, simply offering a wrapper around a map search for pubs in your area, highlighting non-Spoons pubs in green and the franchises of the evil overlord chain in red. Developer Shane Jones believes it's doing the right thing, though, and said: "Far too many traditional pubs closed down after the previous recession and it was pretty sad to see. Post lockdown could see us heading back that way. There are too many of these former pubs in amazing buildings, now derelict, that used to be the central hub for a lot of communities. If you can put some money in the till of a smaller independent pub through the use of this app, then it's done the job I intended it to."

It's out on Android right now, with the Apple version coming soon. Apple people never go in Wetherspoons pubs anyway, do they? They go to place that call themselves bars. Where you buy the same thing but it costs more because of a fancy glass, and the crisps are all exotic flavours like beetroot thins hand coated with goat's cheese and tahini, sealed into a foil envelope by the chef himself. [Android/iOS via TLE]