Next-Gen Windfarm Approved off Norfolk Coast

By Gary Cutlack on at

A massive chunk of additional renewable power will be joining the mix soon, thanks to the government approving the build of the 1.8GW Norfolk Vanguard project. That's an output not far away from the 2.4GW maximum offered by nuclear rival Hinkley Point C.

Vanguard is an offshore farm around 40 miles out from Bacton on the Norfolk coast, built by Swedish generator Vattenfall. The decision was taken to the very top and required the say-so of business secretary Alok Sharma in order to be allowed to proceed. At the same time as giving the yes here, Sharma hinted that another offshore wind project, the even larger 2.4GW expansion of the existing Hornsea site planned by Orsted, is likely to be approved as well, with the pair eventually generating enough power to run four million homes.

There's still a long way to go for any power to come out of Vanguard, mind, as there's now 60km of cable to lay, 180 350m turbines to install, two accommodation platforms to build, and plenty of works on the landside to modify the grid. Meaning the pressing of the ceremonial ON button won't happen until the "mid-to-late 2020s." [Vattenfall via Guardian]