OnePlus Code Update Shows us the OnePlus Buds in Three Colours

By Tom Pritchard on at

You thought OnePlus had announced everything it needed to tease before tomorrow's OnePlus Nord launch event. Well you were wrong. I was wrong. We were all wrong, because hi-res images of the OnePlus Buds leaked thanks to an update hitting the OnePlus 8 Series.

As spotted by XDA Developers' Wine Winebach (via Twitter), we can see the OnePlus Buds will be coming in a very typical shaped charging case for earbuds of its type. Past leaks have shown us the Buds have a design akin to that of Apple's AirPods (which is corroborated here), and most of those copycats have that box-of-floss shaped charging cradle, and OnePlus has not been bucking that trend.

We can also see that they're available in three different colours: the obvious white and black, plus a garish-looking blue that's probably meant to match the blue-coloured OnePlus Nord that's supposed to launch tomorrow.

OnePlus also posted an advert to Instagram, teasing the buds in the video and a sub-$100 pricetag with a description that reads "$XX.XX". Wireless earbuds for under £100 would be an impressive feat, assuming the quality doesn't match that low price.

9to5Google also claims the Buds will have the same circular button as the OnePlus Bullets Wireless - which owners will know are useful for pairing and quickly swapping between previous devices. There's also an LED that can indicate battery life, as well as clues in the APK suggesting the possibility of Dolby Atmos support, a 'find my device' option, and an app designed to control the Buds themselves. [Via Engadget]