Don't Panic: More OnePlus Nord Flash Presales are Coming

By Holly Brockwell on at

The promised flash presale on the new OnePlus Nord phone was, predictably, over in the snap of a selfie at 9am this morning. But if you were one of the many, many disappointed OnePlus fans who didn't get one, panic ye not. There are more flash presales on the way.

The official Instagram account @Oneplus.Nord (the @OnePlusLiteZThing account has been retired now that the name is official) announced the sellout with news of a second sale on 8th July (that's in a week):

But on the preorder page, there are actually two presales listed, one 'limited' (presumably another 100 handsets) and one for a full 24 hours:

At this point, we still don't have much official information about the phone, although there are plenty of leaks giving us an idea of the specs, and OnePlus has all but confirmed the teal blue colour (see background above).

The webpage doesn't add much, but we note the URL says "Nord Series" which suggests more than one handset on the way.

If you're wondering why on earth people would preorder a phone they know nothing about, it's only a £20 commitment upfront. Still, it says a lot about the brand's reputation that people are willing to chuck their cash at a phone with minimal information, even if it is a budget handset. Can't imagine many other brands getting away with that.

You do get some other stuff as well:

For now, all we can do is wait for more info, or maybe watch the newly-released 'New Beginnings' video for clues about the phone if you're really excited.