Our First Look at Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Appears to Confirm Almost Every Design Rumour

By Sam Rutherford on at

Just last week, renders allegedly showing the unreleased Galaxy Note 20 appeared on Samsung’s official Russian website. But now, it appears the Galaxy Note 20 has been photographed in the wild for the first time, confirming details we’ve gleaned from previous reports.

The new photos come from YouTuber Jimmy Is Promo, who posted shots of the front and back of a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on Twitter, along with a few additional details about the phone’s design. Based on the arrangement of the Note 20's rear camera module, these new pics seem to confirm last week’s promotional images that showed the Note 20 in copper, as both sets of images feature the same triple-camera setup flanked by a flash on the right and what looks like a 3D time-of-flight sensor.

Like the Galaxy Note 10/10+, the Note 20 features a centrally located hole-punch selfie camera on the front, but with even thinner bezels. Another photo suggests that the Note 20 will sport a slightly updated version of Samsung’s OneUI (version 2.5). Based on these images, it looks like the Note 20 will arrive running Android 10 instead of Android 11, which is expected to be officially released in late summer or early autumn.

However, there are a few small changes to the Note 20's design compared to the Note 10. Samsung moved the lock button and volume rocker from the left to the right side of the phone, similar to the Galaxy S20 line’s setup. Jimmy Is Promo tweeted that the Note 20's bottom speaker and slot for storing its S Pen are also switching sides, with both located to the left of the Note 20's USB-C port. Sadly, it seems Jimmy Is Promo was only able to snap pics of the Note 20 Ultra in basic black, so we’re still waiting to see what a copper Galaxy Note 20 will look like in person.

In other Samsung news, a recent report from Sammobile claims that all of Samsung’s future foldable screen devices will fall under the “Galaxy Z” brand, with Samsung having recently moved the Galaxy Fold to the Galaxy Z section of its website alongside the Galaxy Z Flip. Sammobile’s sources also said, as we mentioned earlier today, that Samsung is slightly altering the name of its next flagship foldable to be the Galaxy Z Fold 2 instead of simply the Galaxy Fold 2 as many had been expecting. You can read more about the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in our story here.

Leaks and rumours continue to shed more light on Samsung’s next wave of devices, but Samsung has yet to officially announce its next Unpacked Event where we’d see all of these products. Rumour has it that (virtual) event will happen on 5 August. So until then, stay tuned for more info.

Featured image: Jimmy Is Promo (Twitter)