Peperami Made a Pork-Scented Spray to Find Lost Dogs

By Holly Brockwell on at

Meat stick snack Peperami has made a pork-smelling spray to try to lure back lost dogs.

Named Puperami: Eau De Lurette, the scent is a water-based solution in a green bottle that owners are instructed to "spritz in and around the areas of interest" in the hope that the dog sniffs it and comes running.

While it's undoubtedly an odd idea, Puperami is not just a publicity stunt: the idea was based on a little dog called Coco who fell down an uncovered sewage hole five feet deep, and was finally found when her owner went around wafting a piece of Peperami.

Currently the spray is just a prototype, as you might be able to tell from the obviously Photoshopped packaging:

Realistically, it's not really needed. Unless Peperami are offering these free to anyone who's lost a dog, you'd be better off doing what Coco's owner did and wafting an actual sausage around. Prepare to be mobbed by local doggos either way.

A Peperami spokesperson, who hopefully doesn't have a hand made of meat like in the main photo, comments:

"We’re thrilled to hear that Coco has been found safe and sound, thanks to the help of Peperami. Although our pork snacks aren’t suitable to be digested by dogs, we’ve been inspired by the story and looking into how we can replicate the same smell of our original salami stick in spray form. The ‘Puperami: Eau de Lurette’ prototype will aim to help future dog-owners find their furry friends."

We're not expecting to see the spray ever actually appear on shelves, but we're glad little Coco has raised awareness of 1) the importance of covering sewage drains and 2) the effectiveness of swinging a sausage, except on dating apps.