PG Tips Tipped to be First Tea Brand to Ditch Plastic

By Holly Brockwell on at

PG Tips says its products will be entirely plastic-free by the middle of next year.

The company has already got rid of plastic wrapping on its boxes of 160 teabags, and last year launched plant-based teabags made out of corn starch. It was the first tea brand to have completely biodegradable bags, which were first trialled and then rolled out to the whole range.

If the company keeps its promise to completely ditch plastic by mid-2021, it will likely be the first of the Big Tea firms to do so. Although now that it's been announced, no doubt the race will be on.

This is all a pretty big step up from the news we reported earlier this year, that Unilever (which owns the PG Tips brand) was planning to dump it. We'd say the chimps would be delighted to hear it got a stay of execution, except that they're all dead. Sorry.

Fiachra Moloney, who has the incredible job title Director of Tea at Unilever UK & Ireland comments:

"We’ve been working towards making the switch to a fully plant-based product for several years. This journey has not been without its challenges, and we’ve had to adapt along the way to ensure we weren’t compromising on the great taste we are known for.

Being the first major tea brand to have biodegradable tea bags across our entire range as well as moving to plant-based packaging on our 160s packs is something we’re incredibly proud of."

To be honest, we're also incredibly proud that we're such a tea-mad country that the position of Tea Director exists. What a dream job that is. [Metro]