Police Declare War on Rogue Snowdonia Car Parkers

By Gary Cutlack on at

A nice little British police crackdown was undertaken over the weekend, when North Wales Police decided to get out of bed early and make numerous examples of the drivers of cars littering the roadside in the busiest parts of the Snowdonia National Park.

No one was tasered or had their eyes beaten out of their sockets, but several cars were towed away for half-blocking roads and parking on the clearway, many tickets were handed out and around 60 vehicles were told to turn around and go home, or at least to find somewhere to park that's marginally further away from the police, the cones, and the warning signs.

You can tell they were serious due to the sheer volume of cones that were placed beside the road. There were no arrests but quite a few people went off in a sulk having been told to better respect local parking advice and to perhaps think about parking and riding in future. [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter