Samsung Galaxy Note 20: All the Leaks and Rumours So Far

By Tegan Jones on at

We’re just under a month out from officially seeing the Samsung Note 20 for the first time. But as in previous years, there are plenty of leaks and rumours to tide us over in the meantime. This is what we know so far.


Thanks to a few cheeky leaks, including from Samsung’s own websites, we already know a few things about the Note 20 design.

First and foremost, one of the colour variations will be a gorgeous copper. This was confirmed last week when it appeared on Samsung’s Ukrainian and Russian websites.

The leaked copper Note 20 image from Samsung itself.

The image reveals the customary S-Pen as well as a sleek camera bump.

Leaks from Jimmy Is Promo this week have also revealed the alleged first real-world images of the Note 20 Ultra – or Note 20+ – but we’ll get to that.

Tweets from his account reveal a black Note 20 Ultra that confirms the same design as the copper Note 20.

The power and volume buttons have changed sides compared to the Note 10 and according to the leaker the S Pen garage and speakers will now be located left of the charging port.

When it comes to the colours we will apparently see the Note 20 come in copper, grey and green. The Note 20 Ultra will come in copper, white and black.

Note 20 Specs

There seems to only be two Samsung Galaxy Note 20 sizes, at least according to the rumours. However, there is some confusion due to mentions of a Note 20+ and a Note 20 Ultra. It’s still not entirely clear if these are separate devices or if the names are being used interchangeably.

For now we’re going to assume there’s just two devices and refer to the more expensive one as the Ultra.

But only the specs of two devices have been leaked so far.

The entry-level Note 20 will be 6.42-inches with the Note 20 Ultra coming in at 6.98-inches.

Both devices are expected to have 120Hz displays with a fingerprint sensor and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor – except in Australia, where we are rumoured to get an Exynos 992.

Under the hood the entry-level device will apparently have 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. The Ultra is said to have 12GB RAM and 256GB storage.

When it comes to the battery the Note 2 is said to be sitting at 4,000mAh, which is the same as the S20. The S20+/S20 Ultra will apparently be up around 4,500mAh and also offer wireless charging.


Rumours have suggested that the Ultra will have the same camera set up as the S20+ from earlier this year. However, there are also suggestions that it may have an 108MP lens that will address the focus issues that the S20 Ultra had.

The flagship device is also rumoured to have 13MP periscope and 12MP ultra-wide lenses.

According to rear images of the Note 20 Ultra, the device will have four lenses. One of these is said to be for optical zoom. Another sensor is also visible on the right-hand side of the camera array. This is most likely a ToF sensor.

Rumour also has it that the Ultra will be capped at 50x zoom. While the top-of-the-line S20 went up to 100x zoom, it did not look that great once you got past 20x, so a scale-back would make sense here.

As always, the entry-level Note 20 will have a more modest camera setup.

Note 20 Price

Not a lot has been leaked on the pricing front as yet. However, renowned leaker Ice Universe has been throwing around a $999 price tag in relation to the regular Note 9.

To give you some idea of what kind of price you can expect, the Note 10 currently starts at £870 and the Note 10+ at £1000. If you want to add 5G to that you have to lay down £1,100.

Launch date

This week Samsung announced the launch date for the Note 20 – August 5. Unlike previous years, this will be a virtual event.

Historically, pre-orders start on the same day. Generally the devices then go on sale a week or so later. However, we have heard from our own reliable sources that the Note 20 (as well as the new 5G Z Flip) is set to go on general sale on 21st August.

In addition to the new series, Samsung will also be unveiling its Galaxy Z Fold 2. There is also talk of the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Beans making an appearance.

Perhaps we’ll even see the long-awaited Galaxy Home. It’s been two years since it was first unveiled at Unpacked 2018… and we’re still waiting for it.