Samsung Just Announced the Galaxy Z Flip 5G Early, for Some Reason

By Tom Pritchard on at

Even though all rumours and leaks pointed towards Samsung announcing the 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip at Unpacked next month (which would have made a lot of sense), Samsung's gone and launched it today. I guess it's because there's already so much going on at Unpacked that there wasn't time for such a small announcement to be included.

Really there's nothing all that special about this phone, beyond the 5G, because the Galaxy Z Flip has already been around for the past several months. Of course this does mean the guts are different, with a 5G-ready Snapdragon 865 chipset instead of the 855+, but otherwise we're talking about the exact same phone. Same foldable screen, same features, and software, but with 5G. And available in new colours (grey and bronze).

The price is also different, this time costing $1,450 instead of the $1,380 it costs to get the 4G model. UK pricing hasn't been announced yet, but our sources have previously told us that the phone would cost £1,399 in the UK. Considering the increase in the US, and the fact the original was £1,300 here, that seems like a good number to work with until Samsung confirms otherwise.

The phone will be available here and elsewhere in the world from 7th August. [Samsung]