Scoop Out Baby Yoda's Brains and Replace Them With Your Amazon Echo Dot

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you’re having trouble feeling connected to the smart speaker that’s emotionlessly listening in on every word you say, there is, of course, a Star Wars-themed product for that. This time around it’s a stand for your Amazon Echo Dot that makes it look like the adorable Child from The Mandalorian.

The $25 (£19) stand from OtterBox replaces Baby Yoda’s face, his brains and most of his head, with a void, perfectly sized for the third-generation Echo Dot without blocking the time display on the side. You’re mostly just left with Baby Yoda’s pointy green ears and part of his overcoat, but it gets the idea across, and despite the rest of The Child being missing, the stand manages to still be (mostly? kind of? not really?) adorable.

Functionally... let’s be clear here; aside from showing your devotion to a 50-year-old green child of unknown origins, the stand won’t in any way improve how well the Echo Dot works, how well it sounds, or how well it will listen to your voice commands. But don’t try and pretend like you’ve already had your fill of Baby Yoda merchandise. This is the way.

All images: OtterBox