You Won't be Able to Fully Stream Sky Q Anytime Soon

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in 2017 Sky announced that it was working on a different version of Sky Q — a version that skips the dish and would let you stream Sky programming over the internet. Like Now TV, but better and more expensive. Originally that service was due to arrive in 2018, but two years later it's nowhere to be seen. What gives? Apparently Sky is sidelining the whole project for now.

According to Pocket Lint, Sky has put plans for this services on the back burner in favour of focusing on the regular satellite brand of Sky Q that first launched in 2016. Well that's the case in the UK, anyway, since similar broadband-streaming packages are available in both Australia and Italy.

Fraser Stirling, Sky's group chief product officer, told the site:

"We have been working on it.

[But] I'll be 100 per cent honest, it's a very powerful thing to have a hybrid platform like we do."

Stirling claims that the UK's internet protocol (IP) is more beneficial for delivering content from the existing Sky Q services. The stuff that needs to be downloaded from the internet, rather than a live stream beamed in through your building's dish.

But it seems more and more Sky services will be coming into the Q box via the internet, even if it means we won't be completely ditching the satellite part anytime soon.

"We will move more and more of our services — like in how the product works — to be levered over IP.

That will include some channels. You will find linear content, VOD content, and other experiences that are going to be IP based, with a really solid backbone: that hybrid delivery part, which is satellite. [It] is going to play a key part of our future for quite some time."

It's a shame that the satellite isn't completely going away, mainly because not everyone is going to be able to get Sky Q for a number of reasons. Whether it's the fact they rent and can't get a dish installed at all, they live in a building that has an older non-compatible dish, or the time and money needed to actually install the dish in the first place.

You don't have those issues with the internet, assuming you have a fast enough connection to stream in 4K and HDR. [Pocket Lint]