Sky Studios Promises £3bn of TV & Film Production Within Five Years for New UK Base

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's another big day in the news for one of our little town planning groups, with today seeing Hertsmere Borough Council finished hobnobbing with Sky and NBC Universal executives and approving the pair's plan to build a new studio in the UK's TV production hotbed of Elstree.

It'll be known as Sky Studios Elstree, and the plan is to have it ready for 2022, by which time it'll be prepared to invest "£3bn of production spend" in filming over its first five years online. It'll be rather huge with as many as 12 sound stages planned, and the ability to merge them for larger studio scenes. Plenty of Sky Originals should be filmed there, along with films from Universal Pictures, Focus Features and Working Title.

Hertsmere councillor Morris Bright drew the long straw of saying a thing to be quoted in all the Hollywood papers, and said: "For local people, it means not just jobs -- potentially 2,000 roles being created -- but a major injection of skills and expertise, which we hope to harness through educational and training opportunities. And Sky Studios Elstree's huge production spend will provide a massive boost to the local economy such as retail and leisure sectors and professional services at the heart of our communities in Hertsmere."

The developer is promising it'll be entirely powered by renewable energy with on-site panels generating around 20 per cent of its needs, plus 900 jobs in the building phase and a further 1,500 in production should appear. [Hertsmere Borough Council via Deadline]