Some Heartless Bastard Stole Lego Sets for Sick Children

By Holly Brockwell on at

The nominations for the worst people in the actual world are in, and these gits are definitely on the list.

Some terrible humans cut through a warehouse wall to get to a "huge quantity" of Lego sets destined for seriously ill children from the charity Fairy Bricks.

The Lego Group and Fairy Bricks give out thousands of sets of Lego to kids in hospitals every year, and this year they also gave sets to the children of key workers and NHS staff.

The comment about targeting is a reference to the fact that this isn't even the first time Fairy Bricks has been robbed. Around 2,000 sets were stolen when the Fairy Bricks van was broken into in 2017. This time they took the van as well, but it was swiftly recovered and will hopefully bear forensic clues to the brick-taking bandits.

Last time, Lego stepped up to help the charity replace the stolen sets, and hopefully that'll happen again this time. It tests your faith in humanity to hear about crimes like these, but it's good to remember that there had to be a charity giving Lego to ill children for this to happen in the first place.

You can donate to Fairy Bricks here – they really deserve some love right now. [BrickFanatics]

Main image: Fairy Bricks via Facebook