Sounds Like Samsung Will Stop Including Chargers with its Phones

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've just heard that Apple is likely not including a charger or earbuds with the iPhone 12 range, and now it seems Samsung is thinking along the same lines.

A report by ET News in Korea says Samsung is mulling ditching the free charger in the box with its new phones, not only to cut costs but because everyone already has a charger, and anyone who doesn't can easily buy one.

Not including chargers is also, of course, better for the environment: not just because it means not producing thousands of chargers that sit in drawers for the rest of time and never biodegrade, but also because it means the boxes can be smaller.

Those small differences in box size mean a lot more boxes can fit in the same space, which means fewer vehicles needed to transport the same amount of product around the world.

The report also says the resulting reduction in cost will help to offset some of the increased expense caused by 5G.

We're not far off from the Galaxy Unpacked launch event for the Note 20, Z Flip 5G and possibly even the Galaxy Z Fold 2, so potentially we'll find out on the 5th of August whether the charger rumours are indeed true.

What do you think of the move to ditch chargers: would it put you off buying a phone? Let us know in the comments. [TheNextWeb]

Main image: Samsung