There's a Lego NES Console and TV Coming Next Month

By Kim Snaith on at

Lego has just teased something new on its official Twitter account, but thanks to those wonderful things called leaks we don't have to wait long to figure out what it is. It's a brick-built NES console and an old-school TV.

As per Gamesradar, the leak comes from Chinese gaming website VJGamer, which shared a number of pictures of the upcoming set. It's packaged in Lego's new '18+' all-black branding and, going by the pictures alone, it looks rather nice indeed.

There are two key parts to the model: the NES console itself, complete with a two-button control pad and a brick-built cartridge; and a TV set, featuring an aerial and dials (whether or not you can twist them remains to be seen). The TV screen features a still of Super Mario.

According to the leak, the set is set to release on 1st August. It would make sense, because that's the same day the Lego x Mario sets we already know about  are coming out. And it's nothing new for Lego sets to be revealed only weeks (or sometimes days) before they launch.

One of the images featured on VJGamer shows a page of the instruction book with a picture of the electronic Mario from the upcoming Lego game set sat atop the TV. Some of the wording is obscured, but it seems that combining the two will allow the bricky Mario to play videogame sound effects, which seems like a pretty nifty feature.

The set contains 2,646 pieces and the European retail price is supposedly €230. UK pricing is, of course, still to be confirmed, but we reckon £220 seems like a reasonable guess.

So what do you think? Will you be adding a brick-built Nintendo console to your Lego collections? Let us know in the comments. [Gamesradar]

All images: VJGamer