Travelodge Landlords Mutiny to Create New Rival Budget Hotel Chain

By Gary Cutlack on at

As many as 80 hotels currently branded as Travelodge cheapspots are about to abruptly leave the chain, as landlords abandon the business and set up a rival to be known as Goodnight Hotels.

The falling out was triggered by Travelodge trying to get landlords to accept reduced rents during the coronavirus shutdown, withholding the first quarterly rent payment under lockdown and more recently pushing through a company voluntary arrangement designed to force landlords to accept lower rents in future, before returning to normal payment levels in 2022.

That's not enough to keep hotel owners happy, though, and could see Goodnight launch next January with perhaps as many as 200 former Travelodge sites onboard, should this initial threat to break free not get everyone back around the (virtual) negotiating table. The move's been made possible thanks to a break clause inserted into contracts between landlords and the Travelodge chain, put in to help gain approval for the CVA.

Separately, the Travelodge Owners Action Group is thought to be negotiating with Accor – owner of the Ibis chain – to similarly leave the Travelodge umbrella, taking another 400-odd hotels with it and leaving Travelodge without much left in the way of actual lodges to which to travel. [Telegraph via City AM]