Holiday Booker Tui Succumbs to Apocalypse and Shuts 166 Branches

By Gary Cutlack on at

High street holiday firm Tui has revealed a plan to close 166 branches, and by "close" it doesn't mean like normal at the end of the day so staff can have dinner and go to bed for a bit, or for a few days while it bleaches the faux leather chairs and pens. It means for ever, as there's no good news on the horizon for high street shops that specialise in sending old people on cruise holidays.

The closures affect around 900 jobs, although some 630 of these will hopefully be kept on to work from home, transferred to other outlets, or move to admin roles for the online aspects of the business, as the chain is not giving up business altogether. Tui will continue, with a more streamlined high street presence of 350 branches.

Tui's UK and Ireland MD Andrew Flintham says around 70 per cent of its business has already shifted to online with the old pandemic speeding that of late, so is clearly expecting the chain to continue to exist for the foreseeable future. Flintham said: "We have world-class travel advisers at Tui, so we hope many of them will become homeworkers and continue to offer the personalised service we know our customers value." [BBC]