A UK Internet Sales Tax Could Arrive to Salvage the National Overdraft

By Gary Cutlack on at

The long-suggested online sales tax may be arriving soon to bother UK-facing multinationals, as our political leaders look for ideas that generate a bit of cash and also stand a chance of cheering up the nation's newly cordoned off shopkeepers.

A spokesperson for the prime minister revealed the possibility, so it's clear the leader wants to take the credit for it should it happen. The statement reads: "Last week, as we set out in the budget and manifesto, we published a call for evidence to look into all aspects of the business rates system. And as part of this we will consider the case for introducing alternative taxes as part of the review, including an online sales tax."

It could well be the balancing of the system that everyone running a high street shop wants, with the treasury's consultation document saying the money raised may be used to offset and reduce business rates, leading to lower bills for traditional shops still running out of besieged high street sites. [Sky News]

Image credit: Unsplash