Rail Industry Promises Longer Trains for Easier Social Distancing Upon Return

By Gary Cutlack on at

The rail industry sees you shitting yourself about going near a train again, and has preempted our national angst by introducing a Safer Travel Pledge to reassure everyone that standing armpit-to-armpit with others on the daily commuter run will be perfectly safe.

Because point #1 on the Pledge is the introduction of longer trains with extra carriages, so there's more room for everyone to spread themselves out a little better. We don't know anyone to ask where these carriages are coming from, so will have to simply believe that it is true. Other fairly banal promises include more frequent restocking of the soap dispensers, hand sanitiser points in over 300 stations, an official National Rail Messenger presence to alert travellers of busy stations they might want to – but probably can't – avoid, plus 2,500 extra staff to point at all the new signs.

The number one point for passengers to be aware of upon the return to rail is a request to travel off-peak, which is nice if you can and are allowed to, and if being late all the time is an authorised part of your personal brand.

Robert Nisbet of the Rail Delivery Group said to hold your horses as the trains aren't really open for non-essential trips to the pub yet, and explained: "While we are still asking people only to take the train if necessary, as the lockdown is eased further we are stepping up timetables and taking other steps so people can travel with confidence. In return, we want people to help us by avoiding the busiest times, wearing a face covering and checking the latest train information online before setting off." [Rail Delivery Group]