Amazon Continues Sending Unwanted Rubber Ducks to Confused Durham Man

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 76-year-old man would appear to be the butt of the joke of a niche online community that gets off on bewildering the elderly, as randoms are using Amazon's shopping system to send him unsolicited items; including nine individual £2.79 bath safety temperature checking rubber ducks.

The man told the Northern Echo that: "In the past week, I've had more rubber ducks, some Venison Chew Sticks for my dog and Scottish shortbread. I've been giving the ducks away to my son's wife, she has friends who have just had babies."

Well that's nice. As for what's going on, Amazon appears to be treating it like a big joke on the poor man too, as it told the Echo that it can't say who's sending the items due to customer confidentiality agreements, and only explained that: "Mr Jackson is not going quackers, someone indeed is sending him rubber ducks. While we can't reveal the customers true feathers, we can assure Mr Jackson he will not be receiving a 'bill'." [Northern Echo]