The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is Almost Here

By Holly Brockwell on at

Xiaomi makes almost suspiciously-cheap tech hardware, and its Android TV Mi Box is no exception. We've known for a while that a successor is coming in the form of the Mi TV Stick, and now it looks like launch is imminent.

The device has appeared on the Google Play Console in its device catalogue, which handily also gives some specs. The Mi TV Stick will run on an Amlogic 1.2GHz AMLS805Y processor with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores and 750MHz Mali 450 graphics. It has 1GB of RAM, runs Android 9 (Pie), and promises "a better and simpler TV experience."

Google has its own streaming dongle-thing on the way, codenamed Sabrina. That one also runs on an Amlogic processor, this time the faster 1.8GHz S905X2, and it also has twice the RAM at 2GB.

We don't officially know what Mi TV Stick will retail for, but according to AndroidPolice, it's going for about $71 (£57) on AliExpress Russia and $65.88 (£53) on Gearbest.

The leaks we've seen so far say that the Mi TV Stick will include Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and the Play Console listing confirms that. It also has a Google Assistant button on the included remote.

Now all we need to know is when it lands, but it looks like it won't be long now. [AndroidPolice]