You Can Now Have a Video Call with O2's Tech Support Gurus

By Holly Brockwell on at

O2 Gurus – the network's equivalent of the Genius Bar – are now available by video call for anyone who needs tech help but doesn't want to risk going to a store.

Obviously, there are loads more tech problems than usual at the moment, what with kids trying to learn from home and people attempting to do their jobs from their living rooms.

The "digital guru" pilot scheme will offer one-to-one tech support over video call, although if your problem is with video calls themselves then we guess you're out of luck.

Apparently, 35 per cent of Brits have missed asking for help in a physical shop (really?!), with the most-requested topics being problems with their tech (26 per cent), mobile contract questions (20 per cent) and getting a new phone (19 per cent).

The excellently-named Gareth Turpin, Director of Sales, Service and Retention at O2, comments:

"When it comes to shopping, we love the personal touches – great customer service, technical advice and support when help is needed. Our research has shown that customers really missed this expert advice when shopping for tech during lockdown so we’re happy that our Gurus will be able to help people virtually.

We’ve seen that shoppers have a real desire to get back on the high street, but for those who can’t, we’re proud to offer our services online to help them to get the support they need."

Lauren Crossley, a Guru at O2’s store in Poole adds:

"As a Guru I love being able to help customers with their queries which can range from issues such as moving data between devices and accessibility assistance to general advice and problem solving. We know how much our customers value personalised service and virtual appointments will enable us to help even more people, giving them the support they need to get their best out of their tech."

In-person appointments have also been reopened at O2 stores, which are using virtual queuing systems to reduce the virus risk.

Main image: O2 via Twitter