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Throwable Chuckimals Let You Literally Hurl Insults

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Emails replaced written letters; texting replaced emails; Twitter replaced texting, and one day these Chuckimals could be the only source of electronic communications we rely on. They're plush toys embedded with electronics, including an accelerometer, that let you record a thirty second message that's automatically played back upon impact when thrown at someone.

Only a Mathematician Could Love the World's Ugliest Music

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Many mathematicians set their sights on concurring the stock market, with dreams of unbridled financial success. But Scott Richard, who holds degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering from MIT and Princeton University, has dedicated himself to solving problems that matter to the average person. Which confusingly includes using mathematics to make another attempt at composing the world's ugliest piece of music. Um, thanks Scott?