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Forever Drive for iPhone and iPad: A Crash Course in Continuity, Creativity and Credits

Forever Drive is not, as the name might suggest, a celebration of Nicholas Winding Refn’s impossibly cool paean to Eighties European cinema. Although it features plenty of cruising around neon-drenched streets, it doesn’t have Ryan Gosling being all silent and moody; there’s no unwatchably brutal violence, nor does it make you sit through several minutes of meaningful looks in slo-mo as a gorgeous, thudding electropop soundtrack subliminally whispers “you will buy me on iTunes the minute you leave the cinema”.

Swarovski Refract for iPhone and iPad: A Crystal-Clear Music Maker

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Coined in 2000, the frankly horrible portmanteau “advergame” describes any videogame used to promote a brand. Yet the phenomenon predates the term: back in the early '90s, the likes of Mick and Mack: Global Gladiators and Cool Spot were convincing innocent kids to buy McDonalds and 7-Up, thus helping to kickstart the global obesity epidemic we’re always reading about. Ah, videogames.