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The Perfect Android Keyboard for Barely Keeping in Touch

By Eric Limer on at

Cool. Nice. Damn. lollollollollollollollollol. ⊙_⊙ oh, hmm. ⊙﹏⊙. K, thks ツ ❤. New Android download Lazy Keyboard is brilliant in its use of minimalist semantics to confer a wider point about the disintegration of modern device users and their apathy towards long-standing conventions of grammar and punctuation. [Lazyboard]

What is the Most Horrible Technology Sound?

By Eric Limer on at

Technology is amazing – until it starts generating noises that make you want to punch yourself in the face. So Giz UK, from Skype's start-up jingle to relatives asking for EPG advice, what unnecessary tech audio gets your blood boiling?