Throwable Chuckimals Let You Literally Hurl Insults

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Emails replaced written letters; texting replaced emails; Twitter replaced texting, and one day these Chuckimals could be the only source of electronic communications we rely on. They're plush toys embedded with electronics, including an accelerometer, that let you record a thirty second message that's automatically played back upon impact when thrown at someone.

AirCassette for iPhone: The '80s Weren't So Bad

By Casey Chan on at

I'm old enough to remember using cassette tapes but also young enough to know it was already ancient technology. But still, there's something about cassette tapes that interested me more than CDs or MP3s. A strip of freaking tape can hold music? And now that they're pretty much dead, it's sad. Thats why AirCassette is so awesome.

What Is This?

By Sam Biddle on at

Just what the hell is going on here? A sweet under the microscope? An oil slick? Are we all on drugs right now? No—well, maybe you are—but this picture isn't the result. It's from spaaa-aaace.

Can 3D Printers Make Libraries Useful Again?

By Andrew Tarantola on at

As the printed word gives way to digital distribution, libraries must change in both form and function in order to remain relevant in the Internet age. One New York book repository has taken the lead in this effort by installing the country's first "maker's space" within a public library.

It's Time to Give Hotmail a Chance

By Sam Biddle on at

I know. Just let me finish. It sounds crazy -- Hotmail is the leper colony of email, right? The running joke, the email potato famine we all fled for Gmail a decade ago -- yeah. But that was then. Hotmail is changing.