Infinity Blade II for iPhone and iPad: Return of the God King(s)

By Bulent Yusuf on at

There's box-office, and then there's BOX-OFFICE. The original Infinity Blade is something of a benchmark for the graphical capabilities of the iOS platform, its signature bouts of duelling rendered with a blend of epic fantasy and lyrical beauty. One year and countless plaudits later, no-one is surprised to see the release of a sequel. Is Infinity Blade II going to be a bland retread, or will it improve on the original?

How to Install and Configure Windows 8 Right Now

By Gizmodo on at

With Windows 8, Microsoft is reimagining the most basic premises of personal computers. CEO Steve Ballmer recognises the drastic changes coming in Windows 8, even calling the platform one of the biggest risks taken by the industry giant. The UI changes and fundamental paradigm shifts that Windows 8 brings to the table are making a lot of power users eager to give the platform a trial run, even in its current state as a Developer Preview.