The Great Nerf Guns of 2012

By Sam Biddle on at

Will we ever feel too old to love Nerf guns? No, I doubt it. What about Super Soakers? Oh hush, of course not. Shooting things with toy guns is an intrinsic human joy. Here's what you'll be firing this year.

The Coolest Action Figures You Can't Buy Yet

By Sam Biddle on at

Toy Fair is full of lame jigsaw puzzles, toy horses, and other antique things nobody cares about anymore. But! There's also plenty of unreleased Star Wars, Spider Man, and other stuff that makes us feel like excited kids again. Lightsabers!

Yeah, That's Probably Not the Best Comparison to Make When Talking of Your Google TV Remote, Sony

By Kat Hannaford on at

When discussing the changes between the US and European remotes, Sony's business development chap for Google TV, Ralph Becker, made the above observation regarding the US remote (pictured above). At least RIM has one fan? He also took us through the additions we'll see when it launches in Spring/Summer (or even as late as October?), including the gyroscope and microphone.

You Can Buy Boo, the Internet's Cutest Dog

By Sam Biddle on at

Boo, an animal so impossibly cute as to make physicists question our understanding of the cosmos, is now available for mass production. It's soft. It's lifelike. We went hands-on with the most disgustingly cute toy ever seen.