Sky's Incoming F1 iPad App Sounds Awesome

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sky’s won the rights to broadcast F1, but it’s not just doing standard TV broadcasts; it’s rolling out a whole channel dedicated to F1 and it’s being backed up by a sweet-sounding iPad app that’s due to launch before the 18th of March.

Fans Happy to Pay for CyanogenMod's New Servers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Android favourite CyanogenMod, which brings exciting new versions of Android to phones either abandoned or not yet updated by their makers while also throwing more features into the mix, has acquired two new "Xeon-class boxes with lots of RAM" thanks to a public fundraising appeal.

Hackers Were Scary in 1990

By Sam Biddle on at

"Laughing at people talking about the internet decades ago" is one of our favorite video subgenres here at Gizmodo, and this specimen doesn't disappoint: a fatherly narrator explains the dangers of hackers. Look out! Your modem is under attack!